About us


Ripper Wear (Adventure Clothing Brand):

Welcome everyone to the about us page; we are happy you stopped by to learn about one of the most chilled, laid back, adventure clothing brands available! But before we get into all that, let me tell you about our team which makes all this happen. Also, we will talk about our goal as a company, how we are striving to achieve it and even a fun idea to try on your next adventure!

Ripper Wear Team:

Our team is made up of some of the closest friends (pretty much family) that for years before Ripper Wear was even an idea were out hiking, kayaking, dirt biking, longboarding, etc.. Pretty much anytime we could spend outdoors instead of inside no matter what the weather we would be exploring and taking in each moment like it could be the last. Summer of 2015, we all were on a chill three-day hiking trip when Ripper Wear first became an idea and was the top item that was talked about for the rest of the trip. Multiple more adventure/exploring trips came and past while the idea about Ripper Wear was brought up and talked about every single time. Wasn't until spring of 2016 that we all decided that this idea we built up and planned in our head is something we are gonna go through with and create the Adventure Company known as Ripper Wear. Since then it has been just an amazing adventure with the best team you could imagine working night and day to make Ripper Wear an adventure company you won't forget about!
Our Goal:

As you just read in the team section, we were going on adventures before Ripper Wear. One thing we always tried to do is get more/new people to come out and hang with us while on our trips. The main reason for this is so that they would get to experience the beautify and magic of being one with nature. Being able to take an adventure and clear your mind from any troubles you may be experiencing in your life and just be yourself is the best medication you can take. Also, it's free and good for you! Our goal at Ripper Wear is to get people outside on an adventure to see for themselves what kind of magic is in this world. This doesn't mean travel thousands of miles away (although we love doing that), it can be as small as taking walks through what nature has to offer near your town or as big as traveling around the world experiencing different cultures and the way people see the world! Another part of our goal is that we wanted to give back to the world we live on and the beautiful creatures that live with us. 10% of profits go towards charity to help save endangered animals.

 Striving to Achieve:

At Ripper Wear, we are fully a social media based company. From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snap Chat we are on it all. Countless hours communicating with followers, exchanging trip ideas and gear. We are all about helping you get outside on adventures/exploring the beautiful place we call earth and the magic it holds within it. With all seriousness though we can only do so much! This is why we need your help! Post pictures on your social media accounts of you rocking Ripper Wear gear, where you traveled to and how it makes you feel/changed you!. We respond to everyone as fast as we can and want to get our name out to help people get out and be free! For every photo posted and we are tagged in you will be rewarded with a $5.00 off discount code for our store. Win.... Win... for everyone!

Last off we would love to thank you for taking time out of your day to read about us. We hope that we can convince you to get out and take adventures as much as you can! We have round the clock service so if you ever have any questions, wanna tell us about your adventures then we are available and would love to hear from you. Just message us on any of our social media accounts or on the contact us page! Have fun and don't forget to take us with you your adventures!